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Advanced energy storage with nanostructures

We introduce a wearable, self-powered pressure sensor with tailorable sensitivity using a reduced graphene oxide-coated porous polyurethane (rGO-PP) composite. The micropores of the porous polyurethane (incorporating rGO flakes) create a conductive path which changes based on the applied pressure, resulting in corresponding changes in the electrical signal. The rGO-PP pressure sensor's power is generated using a self-powered galvanic cell and bio-electrolyte extracted from human skin. The rGO-PP pressure sensor circumvents complicated electrical circuits, facilitating its ease of use as a wearable device. Through the serial connection of galvanic cells, the sensitivity of the rGO-PP pressure sensor can be tailored within an extraordinarily wide range between 0.46 to 3.05 kPa−1. The rGO-PP pressure sensors display rapid response times (16 ms). Consequently, they can be used in the development of applications including braille recognition, human-machine interaction, and the restoration of touch perception.

H. Cho et. al., Ceramics International, 2021

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