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Patents (granted patents)

10. Wearable sensor and manufacturing method of the wearable sensor, KOR(10-2629244-0000)


9. Self-powered device using skin sweat and sensor unit using the same, KOR(10-2532519-0000)


​8. Yoyo type energy harvesting apparatus, KOR(10-2554081-0000)

7. Wind energy utilization type energy harvesting apparatus, KOR(10-2402974-0000)

6. Self-generated umbrella by triboelectrification, KOR(10-2122669-0000)


5. Process cartridge and image forming device having the same, USA (13/344028), KOR (P2011-0001294)

4. Developing device usable with image forming apparatus, USA (12/851715), KOR (P2009-0081744), CHN (2010-20501040.1), EUR (10171841.9)

3. Image forming apparatus, USA (12/642260), KOR (P2009-0002922)

2. Developing device and image forming apparatus having the same, USA (11/956438), KOR (P2007-0065351), CHN (2008-10093316.4)

1. A fuel cell stack having multi-module mounting structure, KOR (10-0846920-0000)

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