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[2020.12.29]  Presentation in 2020 CAU Convergence Research Seminar

Prof. Sunghan Kim gave a presentation in 2020 CAU Convergence Research Seminar. The title was ‘Design flexible and robust functional bionanocomposites’.  Many thanks for the kind invitation and constructive discussions.

[2020.12.28] Welcome new undergraduate intern!!!

Undergraduate student (Dongyeon Kim) has participated in NAML as undergraduate intern. Welcome!!!

[2020.10.28] Prizes at 2020 SUMMER/WINTER MESTER

Congratulation! Sejin Lee, Taehee Kim, Hakmin Lee, Hyeyeon Lee, Hyunsung Kim, Sangwoon Kim, and Hwee-woon Yang won the prizes at 2020 SUMMER/WINTER MESTER.

[2020.09.17] Outstanding Paper Award

Congratulation! The following presentation was selected as a winner of the best poster award in KSME Conference, 2019.

Hyeonho. Cho, Seok-min Kim, and Sunghan Kim, “Suppression of Coffee Ring Effect Using Porous Nanostructures”, 2019 KSME Meeting & Exhibition, Jeju, South Korea, Nov., 2019

[2020.08.06] NAML is funded by ‘Brain Korea 21 Four’

NAML is provided phase four of the brain Korea 21 project funds for seven years (Research and education center for intelligent wearable robots). Participating Professors are Seung-Hwan Chang (head of a group), Tae-Hyoung Kim, Seung Tae Choi, Dongjun Shin, Sangmin Lee, Sunghan Kim, Woochul Nam, Giuk Lee. Congratulation!!!

[2020.09.01] Welcome new group members!!!

Sejin Lee and Taehee Kim officially joined NAML as undergraduate researchers. Welcome!!!

[2020.06.26] Welcome new undergraduate interns!!!

Four undergraduate students (Hyeyeon Lee, Hyunsung Kim, Hwee-woon Yang, Sangwoon Kim) have participated in NAML as undergraduate interns. Welcome!!!

[2020.03.02] Welcome new group members!!!

Hyoeun Lee and Hakmin Lee officially joined NAML as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome!!!

[2020.1.10] Invited talk at Texas A&M University

Prof. Sunghan Kim gave an invited talk at Texas A&M University. The title was ‘Interfacial Engineered Mechanically Durable Functional Bionanocomposites.  Many thanks for the kind invitation and constructive discussions.

[2020.01.01] Special article in journal of the KSME

Prof. Sunghan Kim’s special article has been published in journal of the KSME (2020. 1., vol. 60, no. 1).  ‘Research trend on energy storage system (ESS)’

2020 기계저널 특별기고.jpg
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